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Born and raised in California, Joe Koller spent the early half of his childhood in Ojai, CA where the love of two influential themes in his life were born: the arts and surfing. The rest of his childhood was spent 25 miles inland of San Francisco, where a deep appreciation of nature and urban life helped create influential visuals that would eventually make their way into his artwork. After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Koller began his career working for leading creative advertising agencies with clients ranging from Infiniti/Nissan and Nokia to independent film projects, yet he quietly emerged as a notable fine artist. Andy Warhol’s famous line “less is more” was a mantra Koller learned in his advertising life and has helped play an important part in his work. His unique photography style of creating vivid images ranging from silhouetted surfers, ocean waves, landscapes, architecture has gained him national attention. His mixed media series of layering in paint, stencil graffiti, placing the images on large wood or metal boards and finishing them with resin has gained a collectors following. 

His work has been featured in numerous group shows in California, Las Vegas, Art Basel Miami, Aspen, Colorado and solo shows in San Francisco and Solana Beach, CA. Most recently Joe’s work was shown for the summer within Relm Wine Bar in San Marcos, CA. Since 2013, Joe has been concentraiting on unique pieces for clients and collectors. Feel free to contact him here for any special art request.

solo exhibit

2008 Adrift, Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009-2010 Resident artist at Station Sushi, Solana Beach, CA

2012, Relm Wine Bar, San Marcos, CA

group exhibitions
2010 Interceptor, Adrift Art Gallery, Solana Beach, CA
2009 Focus, Adrift Art Gallery, Solana Beach, CA
         Shared views, Museum Works Gallery, Aspen, CO
2008 Bridge Art Fair Wynwood-Art Basel Miami, Go Go Gallery, Miami, FL
         International Art Expo, Las Vegas, NV
         Filter Sweeps and Brushstrokes, Cafe du Nord, San Francisco, CA
2007 Pigment, Harold’s Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
         Drawing Lines, Cafe du Nord, San Francisco, CA
2006 Fabric, Harold’s Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


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